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The Sony Handycam HDR-CX240 Camcorder Black is a great purchase for you

May 31, 2016

If you are a person who loves making video recording and are looking for the right handycam, look no further. The Sony Handycam HDR-CX240 Black will surely be a great buy for you – this either you purchase it from or any other reputed online e-commerce site. And here are all the more reasons that better justify this notion:

Its specs are its strengths: The device can record videos in Full HD, and can capture stills at 9.2 MP. This means that even if you utilize it with a portion of its overall potential, you will be able to take some stunning imageries. Additionally, either you use the device in a daylight setting, at night, indoors or outdoors, it will never disappoint in giving you great results. So if you have decided to purchase this Sony handycam in Dubai, don’t feel shy to test the prowess of its camera as chances are that you will enjoy while doing so.

The device also features the elements of Exmor R CMOS sensor, Bionz X Processor and Zeiss 30x Optical Zoom Lens, all of which combine to give you that touch of perfection that many amateur video maker demand in their creations. So, isn’t all of this just terrific?

You must also note that the device has Optical Steady Shot Image Stabilization. And with it, you can introduce better quality in your overall videos. This also means that the gadget will prove to be an excellent item that you can take with yourself to any of your special occasion, for instance any birthday party or wedding event.

This is because thanks to its abilities, you will be able to capture all those special moments in stunning detail. So either you take long videos, or just some stills, the device will benefit you greatly. Although, it is advised that you read its instructions before using it as this will let you better utilize this Sony handycam. And it should also be stated here that the product is a brilliant item that you can give to any loved one as a gift.

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Buy Mobile Phone in Dubai: Benefits of Having Smartphones with Dual SIM Capacity

May 30, 2016

Why is it so important to have a smartphone with dual SIM features? Do you have a phone which allows only one SIM card? If you do, you should seriously think about buying the one with dual SIM capacity. To be more specific, when it comes to buying smartphones, opt for the Huawei Honor Holly 16GB Dual SIM Black/White. You can visit us at to buy mobile phone in Dubai having dual SIM feature. Keep reading to find out how beneficial it is for you to have a smartphone with dual SIM features.

Can be very useful during emergency situations

Sometimes you come across emergency situations and during such moments, one of the SIM card in your smartphone is not functioning or the signals it is receiving are quite weak to allow you to contact anyone. It could be any situation in which you must contact with one of your family members. If you have a single SIM mobile phone and the place you are at is not receiving signals properly, you are going to have a very hard time contacting anyone.

Things can even turn worse and you will feel very helpless, if the SIM card you have in your phone is not responding due to weak signals. In such a situation, if you have a dual SIM smartphone, and if one of the SIM cards is not responding or functioning well due to weak signals, you can easily switch to SIM two to contact one of your family members to disclose the problems you are facing in an emergency situation. If you buy mobile phone in Dubai with dual SIM, it can really help you deal with such kind of situations effectively.

Buy Huawei Honor Holly 16GB Dual SIM at for only AED429.00 to avert such kind of emergency situations.

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Crazydeals Online Store: Buy your Favorite Electronic Gadgets at our Online Store

May 29, 2016

Have you been searching for top-quality electronic gadgets? What type of electronic gadget do you want to buy? Are you interested in buying the latest mobile phone? Are you looking for mobile phone accessories? In this blog,we are going to highlight some of the best electronic gadgets that you can buy at Crazydeals online store.

Latest Smartphones

At our online store,you can buy the latest smartphones manufactured by some of the top-most brands like Samsung,HTC,Huawei,iPhone and LG.We even have smartphones manufactured by luxury brands like Lamborghini and CAT.We have smartphones from all price-ranges.You can buy cheap phones as well as the most expensive smartphone devices,depending on your affordability.You can also buy Samsung Galaxy S7 which is the latest flagship smartphone device launched by Samsung.

Mobile Phone Accessories

A mobile phone is incomplete without certain accessories.For instance,if you want to buy a selfie stick for your smartphone,you can easily buy it from Crazydeals online store.Apart from selfie sticks,you can also buy different types of chargers.From ordinary chargers to wireless chargers,we have them all at an affordable price.You can also buy portable chargers from us.

MP3 Players

Apart from mobile phones and their accessories,you can also buy mp3 players from us.We have some of the best mp3 players at our online store.You can buy them and enjoy listening to your favorite songs.MP3 players are portable and you can easily carry them in your pocket.When travelling,an mp3 player can be very handy for you as it can allow you to have a good time listening to your favorite music.


Buy high-quality camera from us from different brands like Canon,Nikon and Sony.Take high quality pictures using these cameras.

Please visit Crazydeals online store to buy your desired electronic gadgets at an affordable price.

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HTC Phone Mobile Phones: Make Life Simple with HTC One M9 Plus 32GB 4G LTE Gold

May 29, 2016

It is hard to ignore HTC mobile phones in Dubai. They are awesome smartphone devices with mesmerizing features. HTC is one of those brands that you cannot take for granted. HTC phones always come up with highly innovative features that are hard to overlook when you are buying a smartphone device. HTC phone features are great and they can make your life very simple when it comes to communicating with others using wireless technology. In this blog, our main focus of discussion will be about making your life simple using HTC One M9 Plus 32GB 4G LTE Gold.

Unique Color and Design

This phone has a distinctive Gold color which makes it look awesome. It is very unique because most of the mobile phone brands do not come in Gold color. The moment you hold it in your hands to use it, it looks class apart from other smartphone devices. Apart from simplifying your communication needs, it also adds an element of grace and elegance.

Helps you Manage Contacts in a highly Organized Way

This phone is not just all about distinctive design and color, it also features dual SIM technology. Instead of buying two different mobile phone devices to manage different contacts, you can buy this smart phone to save your money. With its dual SIM feature, you can easily manage your contacts effectively. Having dual SIM facility can also allow you to save your money because you will not have to buy two mobile phones to organize your contacts using two SIM cards. With such highly innovative features, HTC phone mobile phones are a class apart.


This smartphone device is multi-purpose. You can use it to stay in touch with other people, you can use it to get entertained whenever you need to, you can explore the world of internet and stay updated with the latest political activities taking place anywhere in the world. You can use this phone to take crisp and crystal clear photos with its 20mp built-in camera. With massive 32GB storage capacity, you can download your favorite videos and songs and store them. Most importantly, if you want to stay in touch with others, you can make a call to them. If your call is not being received at the other end, you can simply leave a text message using short messaging service.

Please visit our online store at to buy HTC phone mobile phones at an affordable price. This smartphone is available at our online store at AED 1,399.00.

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Asus Zenfone 2 32GB In UAE- Don’t Fail To Understand It

May 28, 2016

Are you in the hunt for the Asus Zenfone 2? How would you like to identify with this set of mobile phone? The view of the notification is clean and leaves a lot of space for your actual notifications. Oddly clock refused to change the mode to 24 hours although it is settled in this manner in the settings, but otherwise, the new color scheme is noted.  Quick Settings are customizable and there are attractive round icons each. A brightness slider is a useful supplement here and can be used even with the auto-brightness enabled when it will adjust the point of the auto-brightness center algorithm.

Asus pre-installs many applications on Asus Zenfone 2 only part of which can be either uninstalled or disabled. Fortunately, they are generally well designed and fun to use, but Asus would allow the end user to disable anything pre-installed in my view. The Asus Application Gallery is one of the best that comes as fast and flexible. There is a wide range of editing tools to your images with the usual effects available with some cheesier those such as the ability to make the eyes look larger or thinner cheeks.

Best of all is that the gallery can generate automatically highlight videos on the photos you take, similar to the HTC Sense. Asus calls it as microfilms. There are five types of video that can be generated that have different effects and music. It's a fun way to share your memories and videos can be saved on the phone and then shared in the normal channels. This is a comprehensive set of applications that Asus is provided here, but ultimately their value is limited like on any device. Similar applications can be found in the game shop and we would be able to disable or uninstall the applications Asus does not want. At least, they all share a similar design language.

The performance of Asus Zenfone 2 32GB in UAE is blameless in daily use. It does not feel like a cheap phone in any way. To check this, we would normally perform a test Geekbench 3. Unfortunately, it will not run, we think it's because of the Intel Atom chip.

We were constantly amazed how ZenFone 2 performed. Of course, there were the odd slowdowns and stuttering in animations, it is, after all, a phone midrange at a competitive price, but it is impressive nonetheless.  Compared to the Motorola G, which is often considered the best performing phone in this part of the smartphone market, we found the Asus Zenfone 2 32GB in UAE to be more systematically faster and more responsive in almost every way.

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Blackberry Mobile In UAE- Exhilarating the Users

May 28, 2016

What makes you quest for BlackBerry mobile and where do you head? Online shopping extravagance at calls you into action with hyper discounts on the go! Are you geared up to enjoy fabulous discounts every now and then? Here is your landing spot! How much are you acquainted with the leading Blackberry firm? BlackBerry OS is the system of the Canadian BlackBerry vendor (formerly Research in Motion, RIM). In addition, long time, a special mobile phone tariff was necessary.

Since the BlackBerry OS version 10 BlackBerry users do not need a special mobile phone contract and can more fully use other e-mail, calendar and address book services in addition to its own services of BlackBerry. BlackBerry delivers with a program for the direct synchronization with the PC. BlackBerry users can get Apps or download from other sources. Since the BlackBerry OS version 10.2.1 users can also install Android apps in the form of APK files manually. Wouldn’t you like to choose from BlackBerry mobile?

Play Android apps on the Z10

With cheap Blackberry mobile in UAE, the user can also convert Android apps in the .apk format in the BlackBerry format. But he should think in advance whether the conversion of a fee-based program is perfectly legal.  The Android device needs to a root access to the folder data / app / can access. From there, the APK files can be transferred to a computer, converted and loaded onto the Z10. In this way, many applications can be transferred to the BlackBerry Z10, known to the users of its Android Smartphone. In our case include Google Maps, Tweetcaster, Instagram, Wordfeud and the App of the football magazine Kicker.

The apps run like on an Android device, although not as fluid as native BB10 apps. This is true not only for itself partly filled with apps but also for converted Android programs from the BlackBerry World, such as eBay or Kindle app. Some ported Android Apps also refused her service on the Z10, in our case, the news reader Feedly, the game Gemspinner 2, the tool AirDroid, Google's Chrome browser, and some Google apps. We are sure to charm you by offering BlackBerry mobile.

Long load times for Android Porting

Ported to Android BB10 programs need places incredibly time-consuming on the Z10 to start. After about two days without a reboot, we sometimes need to wait about half a minute, until the launched app is loaded. After each restart, the load times are as short as in native BB10 apps. This issue does not only concern itself converted Apps, but also ports from the BlackBerry Market. Since BlackBerry offers many important apps like the Kindle Reader or eBay Android App only Android-conversion, the user is often confronted with waiting times. Have you ordered cheap Blackberry mobile in UAE- online?

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Smartphones in UAE: Buy Cheap Smartphones Online

May 27, 2016

These days, having a smartphone device is not an option but a necessity. You need one ease in your life, when it comes to wireless communication. What may bother you is the expensive price of a particular smartphone device. Not all smartphones are expensive and luckily, there are phones at a cheaper price. You can search for different brands of smartphones with different prices. The flagship phones of every branded smartphone manufacturers are expensive but if you want to buy a cheaper one, you can easily find it online. In this blog, we are going to introduce cheap smartphones in UAE.

Huawei Y360 4GB 3G Dual SIM White

At, you can buy this smartphone device for only AED229.00. It is very reasonable price considering the top-quality features this smartphone device has. Huawei is one of the best mobile phone brands in the world and it has a reputation of manufacturing some of the best phones. This smartphone has dual SIM which is a plus point considering the price. To further dissect this device, it also features 4GB memory space which is quite reasonable to allow you to store lots of audio and video files. You can download videos and songs at a top speed with support of 3G technology. This device is white in color which gives it a very appealing look. It comprises 4 inches of screen-size that makes it highly portable. Among the top features, it also has Bluetooth, primary and secondary cameras to allow you to take photos and selfies, it has a built-in FM radio and GPS. In other words, it has all the best and important features to help you ease your communication needs. It is a multi-purpose device costing you a meagre amount of just AED229.00.

Visit us at to buy the cheapest smartphones in UAE.

Samsung Smartphones Dubai: The Hottest Samsung Smartphone to Buy

May 25, 2016
Which is the hottest Samsung smartphone these days? Samsung is one of the best mobile phone manufacturers. Its phones are extremely stylish and highly advanced when it comes to using phones with the latest technology. One of the hottest phones Samsung has launched in the year 2016 is Samsung Galaxy S7. It is a beautiful handset with an excellent design as well as having highly advanced built-in features. In this blog, we are going to unleash some of the hottest Samsung smartphones Dubai.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
It has 5.5 inches of screen display which makes it way apart from other ordinarysmartphone devices. You can have a lot of fun using this amazing phone to get entertained. With a large screen size, you can enjoy using the internet. With large size, the fonts also appear clear and large enough to allow you to read texts and other useful information; you have been searching for using its built-in Wifi technology.
Memory Space
It comes with different data storage capacities. It is available in 32GB, 64GB and it is expandable to up to 200GB. You can store a large amount of data on this phone such as pictures, audio songs, videos and other useful things.
It comprises 12MP camera which can help you to take crystal clear pictures. If you regularly attend different social events, its camera can be very handy for you for you do not have to buy a separate camera to take pictures. You can just visit a beautiful resort and enjoy taking pictures of nature. If you like animals, you can have a lot of fun taking pictures of dogs, cats, ducks and birds. If you like to visit beaches, you can use the camera to take awesome pictures of the beach. With so many exciting features, it is the hottest smartphone to buy in the year 2016.
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Sony Smart Bluetooth in Dubai: Buy Genuine Sony Smart Bluetooth Handset SBH52

May 24, 2016

Have you been looking for a high-quality Bluetooth device? If you are, you have come to the right place. At you can buy Sony Smart Bluetooth in Dubai at an affordable price. You can easily hold it in your hands and receive calls from others without having to hold your smartphone device. In this blog, we are going to disclose some of the best features this amazing device can offer you once you have bought it.

Enjoy Comfortable Calling Experience

You can make and receive calls using this device. You can connect it with your smartphone and receive all the calls without holding your phone. It can be pretty handy if you are outside at a park jogging. While running, it is not conducive to hold your phone in your hands but if you are using this device, there is no need for you to hold your phone to attend phone calls from others.

Just use this device to receive calls from others and have a very comfortable experience communicating. It has a very clear sound and it does not cause any problems, especially if you are talking to someone. When someone is calling you, you can even check who is making a call without using your smartphone device.

Affordable Price

At our online store, you can buy this device for just AED349.00. It is affordable and at the same time very handy to ease your problems, when it comes to making or receiving calls from other people. It is genuine and very useful.

Compatible Size

It is not very big in size, making it very easy for you to hold it in your hands. You can easily grip it as it is slim. It is black in color and you can also keep it in your pocket.

Please visit us at to buy Sony Smart Bluetooth in Dubai at an affordable price.

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32 inch LED TV in Dubai: You prefer the LED TV or the Plasma?

May 24, 2016

What would you choose: an LED or Plasma TV? Here too, you cannot answer this question unambiguously. The plasma has a greater angle of vision, superior contrast ratio, a color scope, wider and shorter response times. The LCD TV and LED, higher brightness, efficiency and above all allow a much wider choice due to the widespread use on the market. The choice again depends on personal needs of users. To buy 32 inch LED TV in Dubai at a reasonable price, click


It is no secret that consumer spending associated with recent LED TV are steadily declining. The average plasma TV and an LED TV consumption can differ up to 50%.

Response times

Regarding response time of the pixels, is still for the plasma to achieve superior performance. What is the response time? Simply the delay (in milliseconds) between the video signal input and screen response. This parameter is essential for the hardcore gamer, where it is crucial that the video processing is ideally immediate. In such techniques previously described the Local Dimming may worsen this delay problem on many LED TV. Click to buy 32 inches LED TV now!


The average life time of the plasma TV is about 40 thousand hours. A magnitude that it is likely that the TV is a failure in the meantime for other reasons, related to electronics rather than plasma. Liquid crystals of the LCD has a longer life, but given the magnitude of the times that we are considering, we can conclude that longevity is not a parameter to consider when choosing between an LCD TV and plasma.

Viewing Angle

Are the Plasma a benefit from a greater viewing angle? This effect of the different mechanisms is used for illumination of the screen. The backlight in the LCD is subject to variations in color and reduction of contrasts. Order 32 inch LED TV online now! 

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